Friday, February 8

Political Correctness

In terms of being politically correct in speech, our Indian media has kept pace with its western counterparts at a rather amazing speed. Yesterday I read this article in Hindu which referred to a "short person" ( political correctness again :D) as a "vertically challenged" person.

"Vertically challenged". wow


Mohan K.V said...

My my, that must be a new low..

But the intent behind it is still, I daresay, good. Frankly, I don't understand what to do about political correctness. There's this article I came across ( through a certain person who has a fascinatingly different view of things compared to us, but more on that later), its a speech by a blind man in a school for the physically challenged. It's most insightful in giving a perspective from the 'other' side, do go through it when you find the time:

Czar said...