Sunday, April 20

A tribute to ......

A tribute to ******. An apple for the correct guess! :)

The twirling droplets of red,
Encircling a vision framed in blood
The searing impulse travels,yelling
A sensation; beyond articulation, a feeling.

The darkness outside seems bright;
A backdrop, worthy of the Final Fight.
The glint shines soft in unseen light,
Signaling its joy, a step closer to its birth-right.

The twitching limbs feel the still air,
As a cold sting on the standing hair;
Still the deaf nor the dead heard no sounds
The Night had spread its wings, deafening all earthly grounds.

The eternal Master moved ever so slow,
Savouring its actors as they moved along its flow;
Jets of crimson red played the carnal tune,a musical fountain:
And there I stood: cleansed, purged? An angelic baton.