Tuesday, November 13


Long time, no post! So here we go.

During my relentless quest to find relief from madness, I stumbled across this blog, written by the "Dilbert Guy". Not only is he incredibly witty, but he is also consistent at that. Not a single post exists on that site which is not an absolute cracker. Brilliant, I say.

The past couple of months have been enlightening, if nothing else. Along with a couple of other hundred people you realize one fine morning that you must decide what to do in life in a couple of weeks time. Some people start having dreams, others don't dare to do even that. In short, you fully realize the meaning of the statement "Ignorance is bliss!" and end up saying amen to that.

Any post written in the second week of november deserves a mention about the placements, cat and app. Being in mechanical engineering is good. It reinforces your long held belief that the average IQ of all the authorities is very close to/ if not forms the retard cut off. OF course its perfectly logical to keep 120 seats in Mech and just 30 in comp sci, when there are 120 jobs in comp sci and less than 30 in Mech. Isn't the terrible complexity of decision making parameters amazing!>

How I wish I would get an I-bank job! This would be the refrain of closely 90% of the people I know. The rest simply wish they would get the same in future. Three years ago I wonder how many would have even heard of the term "I-bank". Financial boom time it is and suddenly the golden egg laying hens of yester years, the ones who gave Indian graduates their first non zero paychecks( infinitesimally non zero pay checks which were paid by PSU's are not considered) are no longer that miraculous. Cheers to them, finally we are getting a salary which makes us above poverty line by Finnish Standards!

Now the stock market is slisha going bonkers over there at one end. We have an Indian becoming the richest guy in the world and then slipping down the ladder, probably after realizing that all that extra tax to be paid was simply not worth the token of honesty. I always wonder about the incentive for anyone to be honest in this world. We all are, at most times, better off lying!

Yeah, so thats enough blog for the day. I am too sleepy to write any more!