Tuesday, November 25

Long time, no post, so here we go.

To start, those six letters that was so definitive of everything that I was for the past 4 years is no longer a reality. I miss my old life, friends and the identity that it provided me with. Then again, going along the lines of the second question in this article, time transforms not only your surrounding, but you "the person" as well. So me missing my past is about as realistic as me "missing" Brad Pitt's life. Pointless, both of those thoughts are.

Philosophically, I have kind of reached a stale-mate with my own arguing self. The fourth question in the aforementioned article is something that I have written about and thought about for many wasted lenghts of time. The fact that its not just me is mostly certainly comforting.

The never ending serials that has often given me company and solace throughout days and nights have taken a back seat. Its been more than 6 months since I productively utilized an entire day (and night) watching episodes after episode. A friend of mine recently called me a "TV junkie" for watching one episode per day. Hearing this, The Grand Father of all Knowledge is, I am sure, laughing his big fat brain out.

Ok, meanwhile, as all human beings know,a financial, economic and social crisis have hit our economies, banks and soceities. A combination of fate and fortune ( I really dont know which) ensured that I was the spectator and not a gladiator in the ensuing saga. I like movies; being the spectator is good. You can choose sides and explore all the emotions, still retaining the option to leave the hall unscathed. More on this later.

More recently, this news and this news had been a source of great pride for me. That was until this news appeared and now I am eagerly waiting for one more to wrap up all that pride and put it into a dumpster. Cheers to co-patriots.