Saturday, November 4

Arbit Update

This post is exactly what the title says! Its an arbit update. No particular reasons for doing this except that the blog has undergone 3 whole months of total inactivity and it was E-roding all the way to hell.

In the mean time the 5th sem has started and has almost come to a screeching halt(read end) .Yeah, yeah we all know how time files, dont we?Mech in IITM is a weird thing as in it starts in the 4th sem and ends in the 5th. All the other sems are just beautiful decorations to make it a fully fledged 4 yr BTech. The above statement should in no way be interpreted as me saying that mech in IITM is easy or that its a cake walk. Quite the contrary it is the very opposite of cake walk,its almost a fire dance or a fire walk, depending on what you choose to do.

But what i want to get across or imply or shout at your face at this point of time is that my absence from the field of blogging has indeed met a rather gruesome death at this very moment. A complete update on bloggable(read abnormal but not anti social) events that has taken place over the sem shall soon be made.

And my words of wisdom at this point of time is:

"Choice is an illusion of life, the greatest farce that man made himself believe!"