Monday, February 4


I seriously* recommend this movie. Absolutely wonderful direction combines with brilliant acting. There is so much raw energy in this film that at no point of time does the pace slacken even a bit. This film shows that though coated thickly by the outward paints of civilization, deep down we remain what we are, animals. A particular scene, one where the lead actress, being trapped in a pit with her son, fights off a charging monkey is simply movie at its best. The film also questions the ethos of "civilization" at large, where subjugation and slavery of a vast majority is essential for uplifting the standard of living of a few at the top. This is again contrasted with the primordial hunter village societies where almost everyone is on equal footing with no great misery nor luxury. To sum things up, definitely one of the best movies I have seen till date. The rating of 7.9 in IMDB belittles its true value by a long way.


Mathew said...

Me too! Absolutely loved this movie. Anyone who can sit through the blood and gore would enjoy the movie. For me the best scene was the last one - the culmination of the chase. One civilization's decline is another's rise. I won't spoil it any further for people who still haven't seen it.

And Kishku, you MUST watch this movie called Man From Earth, if you haven't already. You would love it - it's the right mix of science and philosophy.

Gayatri said...

oh god, you LIKED this movie? i could'nt sleep for 2 days! brr and double brr.