Thursday, January 4


I used to believe, till couple of months back, that man makes his own destiny, that our actions and choices make us what we are and decides what we will be. I was certain that the future is an unpredictable unknown entity and that whatever that I did presently was of importance because my future depended on those very actions. But as said earlier it was what I USED to believe.

Now the thing is I believe the entire world is like a series of events, discrete or continous, each influencing the other through connections which are unimaginably complicated. These sort of connections between 2 seemingly unrelated events is pretty well brought by scientific theories such as " the butterfly effect". Such connections can even explain the logic behing astrology, in which phases of our life are determined by the relative positions of planets. How the position of planets can affect our lives?.. I dont know, but I do believe that its not a totally impossible probability.

SO is the future predictable?... If it IS predictable, then it means its already decided, it means its already destined, it means our choices, decisions and actions are already laid out and we are just walking through them. It means choice is nothin but an illusion to keep the human beings in the dark about their own insignificance in the global order. But all this is true only if the future is indeed predictable....

SO what am I trying to say here>?.. Its not a solution for any problems, even if we are to finally get the truth of whether choice exists or not. Even if we realize its not, we cannot change anything bcoz all our actions including that of the current discovery was also predecided and destined to happen. Destiny, if it exists, is a weird thing, coz it makes u realize that neither the credit for successes nor the blame for failures is ures. It also brings out the irony in celebrating successes and rueing over failures..

IRONY!.. lets try n stay away from tht irony......