Sunday, February 11


Maninomander stood gazing out of the grilled window. The cold was getting to his bones these days and he longed for the arrival of summer. "Soon" , he muttered beneath his breath, suddenly not sure of what he was wishing for. Years in the army had hardened him ; no longer a stranger to either death or pain, he knew that every breath was a gift hard earned and one that should be cherished. " But I am different" he used to remind himself proudly. He still smiled upon the carefree blithe life of the young and seemed to understand the happiness in the little mischiefs of life. He always believed life to be something that should be enjoyed, not bound and strained under the chains of authority and soceity.

Still today was different. He could no longer feel the warmthness inside his heart, as though the cold outside had chilled everything including the soul. " Hmm.. How can it be so cold?. Its only November and the winter hasn't even started?! "he mused loudly. The mountain looked gloomy and dark under the setting sun, it was as though the receeding rays were robbing the tall peak of its beauty and serenity. The general blinked his eyes, almost as though he was hoping against hope to wake up and feel the warm rays of the sun against his face.

The cool breeze kept wafting in. He could sense that smell, though he couldn't place it. The cold, he thought , its all the fault of the cold!. Suddenly, the mighty general felt weak and lost, as though everything he had ever held close to his heart and mind had become false and unreal. Leaning against the grill, he bent his head into the folded arms and as if from nowhere a small drop fell to the ground. " Sir, the priest has come", the sharp voice from behind the door declared.

Saturday, February 3

The Prestige

Marvellous film!!!!

The best that I have seen in a long long long time!
This film is the mother of all tales with a twist. Will write more on the film later. So in the meantime please do yourself a favour and watch this film.

P.S. Kudos to Vinay aka "czar" for suggesting this movie and then taking the pains to send it via gtalk!!