Tuesday, November 29


SOOOO..... i am back...
actually today was pretty weird day to start... for one thing i was up till FIVE in the morning mugging hard for my exam and in the end most of the paper turned out to be from the very few portions that i left..... ok, so what?One more among the infinities to prove Murphy Is Never Wrong!!!
Ok... so balls to murphy... every murphy will have his day.. i am just glad that its today and not tomorrow(have to be optimistic)...

Now all these happenings have caused me to think philosophically... *if you havent understood this yet, i am one of those thinking freaks who can go on and on in the realms of philosophy*... philosohy is something like can escape from the real world we are living in, most of us have our well cut out objectives and aims and are sort of forced to strive hard and sweat it out in one way or an another. What philosophy gives is an outlet for you to grow above these common mundane matters and look at everything from that higher ledge.. Its often a very good way to relieve yourself cause then when you are at that higher ledge whatever that seemed the world to you from down now looks so small and the inherent triviality in almost everything associated with human lives becomes clear. Now this can be a pretty maddening experience and unless you pull yourself out pretty fast you end up being hooked there and will probably start giving up in life after that.... Coz just look at what we are.. before we even realize it time flies by your side and suddenly all the adventures are over before it even got started.. the happiness, sadness, fear all sensations being just momentary and fleeting and whatever you did to achieve all that being a total waste once its gone. Its a fact that past is almost like a dream. whatever feelings or experiences one had in the past its impossible for him to relive it again and reexperience whatever he did before. The irony here is that present is being converted into the past every moment and the moments are gone, as though they never really were there....


i am psyching myself out.. will certainly come back to this topic when i am in a better state of mind.. so cya

Saturday, November 26

Poem- Flagrant Fragrances

hmmm.. this is my first post...actually i dont know much on what to write here and also i havent got much time right now. Yup this was pretty bad idea on my part to satrt blogging on the eve of my end sems.But guess i am a bit off the hook anyways.. so here i go.. this was a poem written by me in the beginning of this sem, the only one i have written in hostel... actually iit is not the best place to write poems.. but somehow this one came through.. so i will start off with this and be sure i will keep things updated

Flagrant Fragrances.

Scintillating smells go whisking by,
A flash, memoirs, a black lightning fly;
Seldom stopped atop mountains misty,
Neither caught among the fishing feisty:
Trace, dreams tangible, remains felt
Among senses which know no breaks nor melt;
Sixth to infintiy, undefined, it seems
Diffusion a thing with no ends or gleams:
Now where to have thee gone?
Leaving minds searching desires it hasn yet borne,
Old books and Old minds together fail,
Like ships unmoored, without their sail:
Thus with surrealistic shows of blatant beligerances
I go again in search of the flagrant fragrances.