Thursday, December 27


I can't help but write about this. I am fully aware that these words will not influence anything in anyway. And I am also fully aware of my own inability to affect things that happen in this world. Still..

I am shocked, angry, appalled, sad, disturbed and more than anything feel a sense of incredulity at what has happened in Pakistan. How can someone, who had the highest level of protection, be murdered just like that? That too hardly 10 days after a failed assassination attempt. If the secuirity forces in Pakistan and their counter terrorist measures are this bad, then I would seriously advice each and every politician/ruler of Pakistan to start supporting the extremists and be nothing more than their puppet, if elected.

You might think why I, sitting so safely in India, in the comfort of my room, not being affected in a direct way by anything that happens in Pakistan, feel so strongly about this. I have no answer, but I DO. Benazir Bhutto might not have been Mother Teresa reincarnated, but she was as good a politician as politicians get. Educated at both Harvard and Oxford, one can at the very least assume her to be intellectually sound and politically aware ( in a global sense). For all the allegations of corruption against her, she showed her integrity and loyalty to Pakistan by taking the decision to leave the comfort and safety of London and return home to fight elections at a time when her country was being rampaged by dictators and terrorists.

Assassinations are not a new thing in South Asian politics. Still, this is the first time I have been exposed to one, alive as it happened. The shock that I feel, makes me think about what people in Pakistan must be going through. It is probably that very same feeling of shock and disbelief combined with anger and fear that drive nations into turmoil when leaders are killed. I can only hope that such a thing doesn't happen in Pakistan.

As UK Prime Minister said, the people who did this are nothing but cowards, "cowards afraid of democracy". Pakistan should now make them fear it even more.


Czar said...

Just think about it for a moment. I am not proclaiming anything.

Imagine 10 years from now, I am a politician and a national figure/leader.

One evening, you are sipping your drink at home and switch on the news to find that I have been assassinated.

I mean it. Just think about it.

Gayatri said...

whoah! VERY strong post.

if i were the editor of a kickass newsletter THIS post would be on it, front page! =)

Anonymous said...

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