Friday, December 28


A long time since I wrote on the serials that has got me hooked for all of the foreseeable future and hence whole of eternity from my point of view. So here we go:

1. Dexter- Absolutely love this series. This series is not meant for everyone and if you belong that subspecies( I try to differentiate them from me :P) who faint at the first sign of blood, then it certainly is NOT meant for you. However if you are a Tarantino fan and if you give "Fight Club" a rating of minimum 4 on 5, then this series is tailor made for you! Watch it and trust me, you will be clawing your way to the next epsiode. :D

2. Boston Legal- To quote the words of the great "CB", it is "Inspiring!". I can't think of a better word to describe this series. "Oh_my_God_,_I_don't_know_what_just_hit_me" level dialogue coupled with a dismissive air of superiority that the actors seem to carry themselves around with, makes this show pretty much the slickest one on T.V. Watch this and I guarantee that you would think at least once, make that twice, about getting the hell out of here and becoming a lawyer in U.S :)

3. Lost- This is my old(all?) time favorite, been around for more than 3 years now. Starting its 4th season in January, I would be lying if I tell you I haven't missed it dearly. A show that practically reinvented the wheel and proved that it is worth doing so, the only catch being that the wheel should be capable of doing stuff other than just rolling on a plane ground.:D Plane crash in an island, people having no clue where they are, and noone to rescue them. If a deja vu has never been this strong then, yea, you probably went through one of those yourself . However, if you take this cliched plot, mix it with the right amounts of science fiction, supernatural nonsense and a bit of totally arbit nonsense which noone has no( double negative!) clue about, then bingo!, you have LOST. And yes, you yourself will be pretty lost for most of the time that you watch this series. But its good, both the feeling of being lost as well as THE lost. :)

4. Prison Break- Self explanatory title and a show that is desperately trying to be what it used to be. Period

5. How I met your mother- A wannabe "Friends". Probably the only series which has got even close to the timeless masterpiece. Good fun, totally worth wasting time on.

6. South Park- Makes you realize that whatever that you have seen till then is not the grossest thing which can be seen. Whatever you have heard of till then, is not the most insane thing that can be done. You realize that there are people who don't give a damn about anything, and I mean anything. And finally you realize that Eric Cartman is gawd. I bow to thee o Cartman.

7. Heroes- This was touted to be NBC's answer to ABC's LOST. Personally I would pick LOST over this anyday, but that doesn't mean its bad. The concept in general is good, the characters are good and the actors are also doing a pretty good job out there. But somehow the direction and screenplay leaves a lot to be desired. The series has immense potential if the director and script writers can exploit it properly. Lets wait for the second half of the second season before passing the final judgment.

P.S. The numbers doesn't, doesn't , indicate any ranking of sorts. These are just the order in which the respective shows came to my mind :)


Gayatri said...

LURVE heroes, how i met your mother and prison break. =)

my life comes to a halt momentarily when they get aired. i'm addicted!

psychedelically_yours said...

And i thought i was jobless (not literally, never mind). Among all of the shows mentioned i strongly recommend DEXTER, do keep in mind what the wise men say though. I watch "How i met your mother" for the reason most do.Well, "Lost" i am gonna start watching it. That is all folks.

psychedelically_yours said...

and why can't i edit my comment??

The mocking spirit said...

I love how I met your mother. I lowe it!

And yeah thanks for dropping by. I had forgotten about that post. You revived my memories.

Czar said...

I am glad I cant feel anymore.
Vinay Shankar.

Mathew said...

My comments on the series that you have listed.

1) Dexter - Next on my to-watch list along with HBO's The Wire.

2) Boston Legal - Caught a few episodes of it on Star World. Wasn't too impressed. It's hard to believe lawyers such as them enjoy such levels of impunity.

3) Lost - loses it somehow towards the middle of a season. But makes up for it amply with the season premieres and finales.

4) Prison Break - should have ended with Season 1. Season 2 was tolerated because of Sara Tancredi's presence. Now they have blown that also. Assholes.

5) How I Met Your Mother - is much better than Friends, in my opinion. (I don't rate Friends that highly.) Although even I started watching it only because of Cobie Smulders.

6) South Park - yet to see it.

7) Heroes - Season 1 was good. Ending was sort of anti-climactic. Not enough people died in it.

Mohan K.V said...

"dismissive air of superiority" is the best description of BL's characters I've heard :-)

South Park! Yay! I think you should include Simpsons and Futurama, too :-)

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Nice list :-)
Watch your grammar, you've made the same mistake twice! It is "don't" and not "doesn't" (and like anyone gives a damn).