Sunday, September 16

8 Arbit( Random :D) Facts

This post was overdue for way too long. I was tagged by Czar, Spanky and Mathew. So here are the rules of the tag.

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

So here we go, the facts at the end of which I would have convinced everyone just how insane I am.

1. I talk to myself a lot. Yes, however vague and crazy that might sound, I do that. It is not that I talk loudly to myself, its just that whenever I think about anything, the thoughts come in the form of a voice. Dont know whether its same for everyone, never bothered to ask :D..

2. I daydream a lot. This means that you would physically be seeing me sitting in the class and looking straight at someone, but in reality my mind would be somewhere totally far off and thinking about the most arbit and unrelated of things. Because of this very same reason, I find it very difficult to concentrate continuously on anything, whether it be a conversation, lecture or what not.

3. I become emotionally attached to things very fast. Even small things hurt me a lot, even though this has reduced by a great extent in the past few years. One very small example, would be the fact whenever I am leaving anywhere, I feel sad. Its most irrational, because I know I am leaving a place to go somewhere, leaving which I will again feel sad. :D

Just as I become attached fast, I also become detached equally fast. So those two kinda make up for each other.

4. Movies interest me a lot! I am a huge movie buff and loves almost all genres. My favorite among the lot would be ones involving stylized violence. Yeah, i like stylized violence too..

5. Insects, especially spiders scare the freaking life out of me. I am 100% sure that if you lock me and a large brown spider together inside a small closed enclosure like a cupboard, I would die of heart attack before the spider can even think of attacking me. Yes, I AM that scared of spiders :|

6. As a kid, I used to very very naughty. Naughty is really an euphemism here. Somehow I loved to get into fights and arguments. Also I had this vague disregard and contempt towards authority and rules in general. However all that changed after my tenth, and now I am scared, if not petrified of authority. :D

7. I am both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. It is very natural for me to go into a shell and totally shut myself off from the outside world when I am with relatively unfamiliar people, especially of the opposite sex. But more often that not, I would call myself an extrovert and enjoy hanging around with friends as much as possible.

8. Most of the time I act without thinking. This has led to a lot of bad decisions, but also a few good ones. So in the end I guess its the right thing to do. :|

I tag GT, Unnikuttan, PG, Varun, MRP, Joy, Nai and Wiper


Mohan K.V said...

Why, #1, #2 and #3 are exactly what I do, too! Exactly !! :-)

Czar said...

I see that mallu bonding has not been mentioned, though it is evident in the list of the people who have been tagged further. :P

Oh! You will have a surprise from me soon. Spidery surprise. :D

Mathew said...

I can empathize with you on your insect phobia. Although with me it's snakes, dogs and cats. Dogs scare the shit out of me. Which is a problem because there are a lot of stray dogs in our campus. And I have recurring nightmares about snakes.

"when I am with relatively unfamiliar people, especially of the opposite sex." Oh yeah? I object!

Was it my influence after tenth standard that made you "petrified of authority?" As Borat would put it, "Great Sucsais!!!" :-)

psychedelically_yours said...

If we look at behavioural sciences and try to analyse which species you belong to i think we would reach the conclusion that you belong to the rare species homo mallu sapiens, mallu bonding - one of their characteristic properties and of course the pudingdinginjingjing.

wolverine said...


haha... always good to know there are equally crazy ppl around!


dude... i had noone else to tag,which is very apparent from the small list of links which i have on the side :D.. also i wud really appreciate if the spidery surprise idea is shelved for good :|

@ mathew

HAHA.. i infer u mean tht i contracted ur fear of authority... though it is a vague possibility, i realllllyyyy don think it happnd that way.. in all probability the " Great Sucsais" was accomplished due to the persistent pestering that Mr. Naku inflicted on me during 11th....


see da.. whatever species it is tht i belong would be the same as urs, since we are brothers :).. so in effect u r telling tht a hardcore rajasthani is in fact a homo mallu sapien.. thts level!

silentkiller said...

Macha, you're very very sane. Imagine. I am saying that.

Many of your points, we all share. But the spidery surprise was there. Getting ideas... :)

wolverine said...


Insanity is the sane illusion of the truly insane, or the insane belief of the questionable sane. :D

no spidery surprises.... thank you very much for the kind offer