Monday, June 5

Poem- Enlightment

this is a poem that i wrote almost an year back.. somehow it makes a lot more sense to me now...



The more whimsical the choices looked,
The less oriented were the aims so booked.
The sepulchral outcry of my inner beast
Frothed a reaction, less violent, yet a feast.
The unnerving soul, bounded by a totally nerved body,
And the harmonic mind, giving help, thus remaining gaudy;
Took no care, nor notice, and continued unabashed,
Still the blind images and deaf sounds flashed
still frothing reactions, now all too well lashed,
Suddenly they stopped, something amiss it seemed,
And so the loss is felt, with intensiy yet to be dreamed
Recognition , light of dawn, proves black to be blacker
With returned heir's right usurps throne of the weaker,
Unleashes the beast,and promises never to go darker..


Mohan K.V said...

Whoa, deep stuff dude.. but I couldn't understand anything except the last 2-3 lines, that too vaguely :((

Sometime when you're free, tell me what _you_ thought when you wrote it :)

wolverine said...

sure man... i will explain to you... but the beauty in any poem is the fact that once written it leaves its author... to understand whats written is left to the reader .. and each one shall understand it in different ways depending on their emotions and feelings.....

Mahesh Mahadevan said...

Have you played Warcraft 3? The poem reminds me of the dialogues in the game and its videos. Nice work man.

And what's with all this deep and mellow theme of your posts now?

wolverine said...


no da.. i have never played warcraft.. though couple of my friends have shown me how the game is...

... this is not a poem that i wrote recently, but its reflective of my current mood and i would i have probably written one like this... this is what happens to me when i do introspection.. i become all philosophical and emotional.... fortunately or unfortunately it never happens in a place like IIT

Anonymous said...

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