Saturday, November 26

Poem- Flagrant Fragrances

hmmm.. this is my first post...actually i dont know much on what to write here and also i havent got much time right now. Yup this was pretty bad idea on my part to satrt blogging on the eve of my end sems.But guess i am a bit off the hook anyways.. so here i go.. this was a poem written by me in the beginning of this sem, the only one i have written in hostel... actually iit is not the best place to write poems.. but somehow this one came through.. so i will start off with this and be sure i will keep things updated

Flagrant Fragrances.

Scintillating smells go whisking by,
A flash, memoirs, a black lightning fly;
Seldom stopped atop mountains misty,
Neither caught among the fishing feisty:
Trace, dreams tangible, remains felt
Among senses which know no breaks nor melt;
Sixth to infintiy, undefined, it seems
Diffusion a thing with no ends or gleams:
Now where to have thee gone?
Leaving minds searching desires it hasn yet borne,
Old books and Old minds together fail,
Like ships unmoored, without their sail:
Thus with surrealistic shows of blatant beligerances
I go again in search of the flagrant fragrances.


Anonymous said...

honestly this looks like a piece of crap

so many words stitched up together

in the end u have conveyed nothing!!

so sad these days too may ppl parade themselves as poets by just stringing up a few words!!

wolverine said...


hmm..... first of all u hav succeeded in makign me angry.. bcoz no matter whatever anyone else say, my poems are one thing i am very sensitive about..

..secondly my anger is reduced by a great amount as i realize the fact that u r a bloody choot who doesn even have the balls to sign in your name...

.. thirdly i do sincerely wonder with what expertise you judged the poem i wrote.. for all that i know(and what seems apparent) you are probably just another loser who cannot write more than a para without bursting ure brain open..

Anonymous said...


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